What are the Best Carpet Cleaning Methods?

There are many ways to clean a carpet and finding the one that’s right for your needs is difficult. There are many techniques involved in carpet cleaning and you have to know all of them if you want to know what’s best for you. Here are some of your options: 

Carpet Shampooing 

Carpet shampooing must be referred to as the most common way to clean carpets. Here, the shampoo or cleaning solution will be applied on the carpet until it foams. The foam will attract all the dirt and then left to dry. It gets brittle once dried, thus separating itself from the fibers of the carpet fibers. Then just use the vacuum cleaner to fully clear the carpet of dirt.  

Carpet shampooing is also the simplest carpet cleaning method available. It actually doesn’t require any professional help and is more of a do-it-yourself job. All you need is the carpet shampoo, which you can buy from the hardware or DIY store, and the vacuum cleaner.  

There are a variety of carpet shampoos available these days. Be sure that you’re buying the type that suits the fibers of your carpet best, as some may contain very strong chemicals that may cause discoloration and damage. You also have to use the right quality and amount of shampoo on the carpet. Needless to say, carpet shampooing is the least expensive method of carpet cleaning. 

Steam Cleaning  

Steam cleaning is also referred to as the hot water extraction method. This is yet another popular cleaning method and it’s quite effective. Although it may seem like it, carpet steam cleaning doesn’t really use steam but hot water. The water’s temperature is between 150 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Hot water with detergent or other cleaning solutions is sprayed on your carpet on a high pressure to loosen up all the dirt and grime in the fibers. All the dirt that has been forced out will be sucked by the vacuum cleaner and then stored in the tank.  

Steam cleaning is the best method available because it cleans the deepest layers of the carpet. Additionally, high-temperature hot water can kill bacteria, dust mites, and fungi. You’re actually getting rid of all the allergens in the carpet after steam cleaning it.  

Dry Cleaning  

If you want a faster way to dry up your carpet after cleaning it, try the dry cleaning method. Also referred to as chemical cleaning, this method uses very minimal water. Hence, your carpet dries up faster. Dry powder will be used for cleaning instead.  

The dry cleaning powder is very absorptive as it is made of water, detergent, and solvent. It will be sprinkled all over the carpet using rotating machines. Once thoroughly spread, it will be left that way for 15 minutes to let it do its job.  

A vacuum cleaner is used to suck up the powder that has combined with the dirt. Then your carpet is practically ready to use. This is what you should use if you require emergency carpet cleaning.  

To know which of these methods you should use, hire carpet cleaning professionals. Whenever you need carpet cleaning Kalamazoo, you can always come to us.   

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