How to Stay Away from Scrupulous Pest Control Companies 

Just like in any type of industry, there are pest control companies that can’t be trusted. These are groups of people who are just after your hard-earned money. They’ll provide you with less than satisfying services that will leave you high and dry after just a few days of completing the work.  

Pest Control Companies

How then should you qualify pest control companies? You may already know how to spot a good company. But do you also know how to determine the bad apples? Below are some tips that could help you in making that crucial decision of which professionals to hire. Hopefully, these tips will help you find experts in pest control Yuba City CA.

1. Reputable pest control companies have listed phone numbers.  

What kind of business will transact with customer using an unlisted phone number? If you’re dealing with a service provider, the first thing that you should ask for is their contact number. Ask for their contact details and when you come home, check their directory listing. Their name and number should match and you should be able to talk to one of their representatives right away.  

  1. Reputable pest control companies haveBU numbers. 

The BU number is a special business license number used by pest control companies. It is necessary for most businesses that are handling pesticides or similar chemicals. This number must be displayed prominently on the sides of their vehicles. If you don’t find it, ask for it. Verify their number and find out why they don’t have it on their vehicles.  

  1. Reputable pest control companies don’t give false claims. 

False claims are one of the most difficult things to verify. For the most part, you just have to use your common sense and intuiting to know if the people in front of you are lying. Unscrupulous pest control companies claim to have their own a secret formula that would eradicate pests. Some would tell you that they are using a more powerful pesticide. All of these can’t be true, as all pesticides used in pest control should be registered with the EPA. Their other claims would be their false endorsements from reputable universities and government institutions.  

  1. Reputable pest control companies won’t pressure you.

You already know that pest infestation is a pressing problem and it won’t help if the pest control company is pressuring you to take immediate decision. No matter how urgent the problem is, the pest control company should help you make an informed decision and not push you to pay them immediately. Hiring which company to handle your pest issues should be your own discretion. Scare tactics aren’t going to help and is a tell-tale sign that the company is not trustworthy.  

  1. Reputable pest control companies won’t make assessments over the phone. 

While phone consultations are always welcome and available, the pest control company should not stop there. They should pay your premises a visit so that they can confirm the type of pest that they will be dealing with and come up with the right strategy in eliminating them. Only by visiting your place they will be able to provide you with an accurate quote of the service.